TV Show Host Tierza Scaccia from Outside Explorer to help out on TV Show Outdoor Wild


Tierza  Scaccia  will be one of the show host to help out on Dean Romano's TV show Outdoor Wild. A two part episode for our Wetlands



      To watch the show click here Part One                             Part two click here



                                                                               Dean Romano  Host /Producer /Creator of the show  




       Ed Casas and The Outdoor Wild Kids

 The Outdoor Wild Kids with co host. Ed Casas


The Outdoor Wild Kids segment in the TV episode is  created by executive producer Sharlene Humm .  Hosted by Co Host Ed Casas who has already become a part of he show. Dean Romano is the creator / Producer of Outdoor Wild.  He host the show . .  Outdoor Wild the Conservation Educational TV show will be taking on a new look during its TV line up. 

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