Conservation Photos



                From Alaska  a Killer Whale  presented by survivalist Kellie Nightlinger



                  Filming in the Florida Everglades  with Back Lot Studios



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Planet Ocean

We need to save our planet and its oceans for our own well being..  Watch this video. Conservation Science.

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Planet Ocean

The Earth Needs Conservation Management


If we did not use conservation management in our social system of operations through our knowledge we would have more problems then we already have. Our planet doesn't   need us but we need it.   Conservation management can help us manage that problem in balance for our survival.   We still have a lot of corrections to make before we get it right and were running out of time.

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Hemorrhagic Disease In Deer

The  whitetail deer and some other wildlife such as antelope and Possibly elk have died and are dying of a disease called Hemorrhagic disease.  The disease is being brought on by a mite a small like insect that infest their drinking water. It can be found in small ponds and rivers and small lakes. Studies are still underway to try and find the cause of this strange minute killer that is bringing death to our wild deer and even cattle that are being raised by farmers and ranchers. This is not good news for any of us who like our wildlife. The good news is that deer herds are still plentiful and strong. But the bad news is that we still are facing a problem with Hemorrhagic Disease 


This disease could be brought on by changing climate with warmer winters and hotter summers giving the small mite a better chance to survive and infest the waters. However killing the deer almost instantly is a problem that we need to understand in search for answers. The one thing we can all agree on is we do not want to see this. Sportsmen and nature lovers can both agree on that. We can be grateful that in many areas we have conservation management. Where we can at least try and put back into land regeneration and wildlife habitat by funds raised from sportsmen and women not only through sportsmen license but by individual groups such as whitetails unlimited and many others who put dollars into programs that help mange our wild places and wildlife.

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Conservation Science

 We work hard for sportsmen and sports women and we also work hard to conserve and   learn to help educate all of us in conservation.  We can live and enjoy our wild with Conservation  Management. Our Planet Belongs To all of Us and it is up to all of us to help take care of it.

                                                                                                                                                                    Time to be worry conservation Facts click here

 The truth is we can not manage conservation without sportsmen. However, it cannot be managed without conservancy 

it takes an open mind and conservation management to make it happen. We need sportsmen and women, and activist

and  intelligent s from both parties to keep a balance in our ecosystem.  Planet Earth is you and I and so is Conservation Management

 Dean Romano                                                

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