A Winter Bow Hunt


A winter bow hunt

It could be the start of a new holiday tradition.

Dean Romano

I set out bow hunting one Christmas Eve morning.

I had to get the landowner's permission weeks before the hunt and the agreement that we struck was that as long as no one in our hunting party brought an ATV out on his property, the landowner had no problem with us bow hunting his land. I agreed.

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Hunters Are Good For Conservation Management

hunters and a deerHunters are needed for proper wildlife management. Hunting is a good way to help control wildlife in many areas.  It helps with the spread of disease, and  heavy populated game that need to be harvested.  Hunting also helps to bring in funds for land  regeneration and wildlife habitat.  Conservation is all about habitat. Whitetail deer are perhaps the largest sales in hunting license there is. I do not think I have missed a whitetail deer hunt in 30 years. This year I plan on hunting Wisconsin and Michigan for those whitetail beauties. I could go on and on about Pheasant hunting, Coyote hunts, grouse hunts, and many other hunts. But I'll just keep it simple and say I enjoy hunting. both small and large game.

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